2015 Florida Print Awards

Printing Association of Florida Awards
Safari Publications Co. Ltd. was proud to have represented our parent company, Eniath’s Printing Company Ltd. at the Printing Association of Florida Awards 2015 held at Hilton Orlando. We received one “Best in Category” and two “Judges Awards” for the printing of magazines including Caribbean Belle Weddings. The Florida Print Awards recognize individuals, companies and organizations
By Janelle De Souza – as published in the Trinidad and Tobago Newsday (Woman’s Weekly – Mentality) – Sunday 29th June, 2014. With a background in both literature and printing, the next logical step for Aliyyah Eniath was publishing. The result? Caribbean BELLE and its offshoot, Caribbean Belle WEDDINGS, two of the most successful regional magazines to come

La Belle Aliyyah

Aliyyah Eniath
“I started my own company in my early twenties,” says Aliyyah Eniath, Director of Safari Publications. “Back then, I didn’t know how much I had to learn. I was eager and optimistic, and didn’t fully comprehend how much hard work was in store, and how exacting my responsibilities would be.” As featured in the Women