Traditional Stories Just For You – by Kamla Ramlackhan

The purpose of this book of stories is to contribute towards building the character of children. Even youths and adults will enjoy them! These stories teach moral, ethical and human values.

Each story is interesting and enjoyable, and will gently guide and positively influence a child to grow in courage and self-confidence.

The child will learn how to approach everyday problems and situations with creativity and intelligence.

These are stories adapted from those of ancient India and presented in a format which the author hopes will attract the modern reader. Animals are the main characters and, as in modern television cartoons, will hold the attention of children and adults alike. Through these four-legged linguists and fine feathered friends, lessons in moral, ethical and human values are conveyed to the reader. They are as relevant and enjoyable today as they were long, long ago.

These stories were originally transcribed from the oral tradition into Sanskrit and Pali. These and other stories were amongst the treasures of India which made the Greeks great.

Later, they were translated into Hindi and other provincial languages of India. In fact, I have had the privilege to translate and adapt these stories from the Hindi versions.

I hope that this collection of moral stories will be inspiring to all children in Trinidad and Tobago and everywhere. I encourage parents and teachers to use it. Enjoy!

Kamla Ramlakhan