Stories and Recipes from The Indian Dancer – by Carolyn Ali

2015 Caribbean Advertising Federation (CAF)

Carolyn Ali’s Stories and Recipes from The Indian Dancer, dances its way into the heart and mind of the reader, stimulating the senses with fascinating Caribbean short stories, glorious original artwork and a range of unique and delicious international recipes. Like its prequel, Stories and Recipes from The Egg Lady, it too, has grown out of love. Love of family, love of reading, love of cooking and love of art. This sequel is peopled with compelling characters in some of Carolyn Ali’s most moving and thought-pro- voking stories. Once more shared by family members and friends from around the world, the recipes themselves are treasures to savour, while the stories linger in your mind. The artwork of the internation- ally renowned artist the late Ian Ali once again, strikes the perfect chord to round off this unique feast for the senses.

Enjoy reading the stories, enjoy experimenting in the kitchen, enjoy the art, but most of all, enjoy them with the love of family and friends. Bon Apetit!