Pro Dog Ltd.


Pro Dog Ltd.’s founder, Marc Windgassen, is a professional dog trainer from Germany with 30 years experience. He has trained dogs, owners and handlers in a variety of civil and law enforcement applications.

“You have to take a very personal approach to dog training and include the owner in the process if you want them to succeed”.

His favorite Quote is: “It is never too late to teach an old dog new tricks”.

Marc has trained dogs successfully in Germany, Greece and Trinidad for private citizens, police handlers and business owners. He is no stranger to challenges, such as the Turkish Akbash and Kangal, which are very resistant to training, head strong Black Russian Terriers, dogs with a variety of phobias and dogs diagnosed with severe separation anxiety and other psychological issues.

Be it dogs for protection, companionship or law enforcement, Pro Dog Ltd. has a solution!

Pro Dog Ltd.