The Official Guide to 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™ - Panini Official Licensed Sticker Album

2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™ -- Official Licensed Panini Sticker Album

2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™ – Official Licensed Sticker Album

Safari Publications Co. Ltd. is the exclusive distributor of The 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil Official Licensed Sticker Album for the Caribbean region. This publication is the ONLY authorized FIFA Sticker Album for the region


  • Features the 32 teams of the 2014 FIFA World Cup™ including player names and data, fixtures and stadiums
  • Each team has 18 players whose names appear in boxes
  • The aim of the game is to complete the sticker album by placing the stickers with the pictures ofeach player in the box provided.


  • Each packet contains 5 stickers with the pictures of players from the 32 participating teams
  • The number at the back of the sticker matches the number of the player in the sticker album.
  • Exchange duplicated stickers with friends/colleagues

The competition has been extended to 1st August, 2014 and a public draw will take place on Saturday 9th August, 2014 at 10am at Safari Publications Co. Ltd. (Lot #106 E tech Park, Frederick Industrial Estate, Frederick Settlement, Caroni).

All applicants are expected to attend. Applicants under the age of 18 years old must be accompanied with their guardian. If the applicant is unable to attend, a representative must be present at the draw. IF APPLICANTS, OR A REPRESENTATIVE, ARE NOT PRESENT, THEIR NAMES WILL NOT BE PLACED IN THE DRAW.

The procedures for completing the sticker albums are as follows:

  1. Contact us at 663-5104 for an appointment. The applicant must  submit their album for AT LEAST 3 working days for us to examine and ensure that all the stickers are correctly placed upon given a DROP OFF FORM.
  2. After the 3 working days, applicants will be contacted to collect their checked album. They must walk with their DROP OFF FORM to collect their checked album and they will be given the ENTRY FORM for the competition.

Call +1 (868) 663 5104 for more details.

Available at:

HiLo- Alyce Glenn
HiLo- Diego Martin
HiLo- French Street
HiLo- Glencoe
HiLo- Maraval
HiLo- Gulf City
HiLo- Marabella
HiLo- St. Anns
HiLo- Westmoorings
HiLo- Ridgewoord, Arima
HiLo- Broadway, Arima
HiLo- El Dorado/ Tunapuna
HiLo- St. Augustine
HiLo- Chaguanas
HiLo- Pt Fortin
Persad’s D Food King- Mayaro
Persad’s D Food King- Rio Claro
Persad’s D Food King- New Grant
Persad’s D Food King- Princes Town
Persad’s Investment Ltd- Pt. Fortin
Persad’s Superstore Ltd (Bright Ideas)- Marabella
Persad’s Superstore Ltd (Bright Ideas)- Gulf City Mall
Xtra Foods- Grand Bazaar
Xtra Foods- Arima
Xtra Foods- Chaguanas
Anand’s Low Price- Fyzabad
Anand’s Low Price- Oroupouche
Bhagan’s Drugs- Broadway, Port Of Spain
Bhagan’s Drugs- Broadway, Arima
Bhagan’s Drugs- Ridgewood, Arima
Bhagan’s Drugs- Price Plaza
Bhagan’s Drugs- Tragarete Rd, POS
Bhagan’s Drugs-Crowne Pointe, Tobago
Bhagan’s Drugs- Chaguanas
Bhagan’s Drugs- Trincity Mall
Bhagan’s Drugs- Low Lands, Tobago
Bhagan’s Drugs- San Juan
Bhagan’s Drugs- La Romain
Ali’s Pharmacy Ltd- Charlotte St, POS
Ali’s Pharmacy Ltd- Westmall
Ali’s Pharmacy Ltd- Tragarete Rd, POS
Ali’s Pharmacy Ltd- Grand Bazaar
Ali’s Pharmacy Ltd- Valpark
The Fan Club- Movie Towne
The Fan Club- Trincity Mall
The Fan Club- Gulf City Mall
Penny Savers- Canaan
Penny Savers- Carnbee
Penny Savers- Scarborough
Pablo’s Supermarket- Argyle
Cost Cutters
Diskomart- Arouca
Diskomart- Tunapuna