Profiles - Heroes, Pioneers and Role Models of Trinidad and Tobago - Nasser Khan - page 47

Community and Social Work
he was the wife of Trinidad and Tobago’s first Governor General,
Sir Solomon Hochoy, whose main interest was in social welfare, and
worked tirelessly in support of the Lady Hochoy Home and other social
and religious projects. Unable to maintain her former home at Alcazar
Street, Port-of-Spain, she gave it to the Carmelite nuns. Lady Hochoy
was the recipient of several international awards, including one from
the Pope. She was nominated for the Trinity Cross but humbly declined.
udrey Jeffers was born in Woodbrook and attended Tranquillity
Girls’ School. She was a pioneering giant in the field of social
work from a very young age, tirelessly seeking the betterment of the
underprivileged, the elderly, the blind, homeless, dispossessed and
down trodden, particularly in Port of Spain and its environs.
Just before the outbreak of World War 1, she set off for England
to study social science at Alexander College, North Finchley, London.
With the onset of the war she became involved with and served among
the West African troops, developing her organising skills by forming
a West African Soldiers’ fund, mobilising financial contributions from
fellow West Indians in London.
Upon her return home in 1920, she opened a junior school at the
family’s home, Briarsend, catering to underprivileged children while
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