Profiles - Heroes, Pioneers and Role Models of Trinidad and Tobago - Nasser Khan - page 17

e was one of the early fighters for Independence who was always
seeking improvement for all around him.
Mzumbo, who was christened Emmanuel, gave himself the African
name at the time when he wanted to identify with things African.
As a boy he was a brilliant student who was very good at sports as
well, especially cricket and cycling.
He wanted to become a lawyer and this he achieved, becoming the
first person to pass the local examination of the LawSociety Incorporated
of England.
In spite of his friendliness to all, he always had as his goal the
betterment and upliftment of his people. He fought for the recognition
of Emancipation Day as a public holiday.
It was through the ground work he and others laid that voting rights
came about later.
Mzumbo Lazare also had a distinguished military career. From early
on he joined the Volunteer Corps and pressed for the formation of a
Trinidad Field Artillery Brigade. At the Diamond Jubilee celebrations
in 1897, he was presented to Queen Victoria, who was exceedingly
impressed by him and even invited him to dine at Windsor Castle.
He was also keen on agriculture and planted some of the best
orchards around his home in Diego Martin.
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