Profiles - Heroes, Pioneers and Role Models of Trinidad and Tobago - Nasser Khan - page 157

Classic; 2009 - Fourth time PGA, again at the Children’s Miracle
Network Classic.
• 2004 Chaconia Medal Gold
• 2006, 2007 T&T Sports Foundation Sportsman of the Year
(1924- 1997)
Cyril Joseph
orn Cyril Joseph, he was educated at St. Mary’s College after
which his father sent him to the USA to Howard University to
study medicine, hoping that his son would follow in his footsteps.
Joseph instead obtained a Bachelor of Arts Honours Degree at
Howard University but was unable to get into medical school
because preference was given to those members of the United
States Armed Services returning from World War II at the time.
He then went to Paris, France to the Sorbonne University to continue his
studies. It was here that he became drawn to wrestling and went on to
become an internationally famous wrestler.
in Europe, India, Lebanon, Africa, Trinidad, Saudi Arabia and Japan.
On the African and Asian continents, he was treated more like a king
than a wrestler. He was the houseguest of Jomo Kenyatta, president of
Kenya and was made an honorary Chief of Nigeria, one of the highest
honours in the country where he was known as ‘The African Lion’.
He invited some of the best wrestlers in the world to Trinidad, including
the famous Harold Sakata, a star of James Bond fame, and Victor Jovica.
Apollon always had fans calling for his trademark head butts whenever
he fought at home. Thunderbolt Williams, his son Fernando, Des The
Artist and Ted Herbert who campaigned in Japan were some of his
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